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TruGreen LandCare Practices Sound And Responsible Environmental Stewardship

April 22, 2011 | TruGreen

TruGreen LandCare Practices Sound And Responsible Environmental Stewardship

At ServiceMaster, it is our responsibility to do our best every day to practice and promote sound and responsible environmental stewardship. In every great brand and functional group of our company, associates on every level are working to find ways to put that responsibility to work – whether it is with a customer, a partner, in the community or with a colleague.

Last year we showcased many of our company's initiatives and how they were implemented. This year those initiatives continue with great success. But we haven’t stopped looking to implement more great initiatives to increase our environmental stewardship.

Below are updates on what’s new and still meeting with success at our TruGreen LandCare subsidiary.

At Miramar Wholesale Nurseries (a LandCare company) in San Diego, Calif., LandCare associates are engaging their customers by giving credit back to those who return black plastic containers so the nursery can clean and re-use them.

Miramar composts all green waste generated at the nursery and by the TruGreen LandCare maintenance branches in San Diego. The green waste is used to produce both compost and mulch which are sold in the landscape center and used in the nursery in soil mixes and for weed control.

LandMap route planning – From an operations perspective, TruGreen LandCare is continuing its efforts to right-size its fleet and to help ensure that its vehicles are as efficient as possible. LandMap route planning will reduce fuel usage as routes are analyzed and then modified to increase savings.

Xeriscaping – In the landscaping arena, LandCare is involved with initiatives such as xeriscaping, which is becoming increasingly popular in the western U.S. area. This involves removing non-native plants and replacing them with plants that thrive in the climate without need with minimal or no irrigation needs.

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